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  • ✅ IMPROVED VERSION + EXCELLENT AUDIO QUALITY. You want your interlocutor to hear you loud and clear and your voice to be perfectly transmitted without background noise. That's what the ideal desktop microphone does and that's why we have improved the KLIM Voice with new materials, coating and components. It offers you stunning sound quality at this price range. It has a stable and durable base so you won't need a bulky mic stand and includes an anti pop filter to prevent any unwanted noise.
  • ✅ BEST VALUE + BUILT TO LAST. We want to offer the perfect balance between sound quality, durability and price. You will be surprised at how clearly it captures your voice. You might also be worried that a promising microphone at such low cost could break in 6 months. It shall not happen: the KLIM Voice V2 USB mic has been built with great quality materials to ensure amazing durability. It features brand new coating with extra thickness, which looks great on any desk!
  • ✅ WIDE COMPATIBILITY + EASE OF USE. The KLIM Voice V2 an excellent plug & play microphone for computer and PS4. You only have to plug the USB cable into your computer to use it! There is no extra software to be installed: you can enjoy it right away. It comes with a mute slider and a volume switch that doubles up as light control. The KLIM Voice is a computer microphone compatible with every operating system - Mac OS X Windows Linux - and all brands (Apple, Asus, HP...). It also works on PS4!
  • ✅ MULTIPURPOSE + USE IT TO WORK FROM HOME. The KLIM Voice V2 is a very versatile recording microphone. You can use it for conference calls or to speak to your friends on Skype, Zoom, Discord, Slack, Viber, Teamspeak and more. It also works very well with speech recognition software (Cortana, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Google Docs Voice ...). Whether to attend a course or lead a job interview, the KLIM Voice V2 will meet all of your needs.