S85 PCcooler Ultra-Thin Computer CPU Cooler Radiator 789904697003

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  • Full-featured 80mm 12V 4Pin PWM fan Silentpro blade design can provide excellent airflow and provide convenient automatic speed control at 1000 ~ 2700 ± 10% RPM. Hydraulic bearings can reduce oil leakage and friction, reduce noise and maintain effective operation. Silent and shock absorption.
  • Moonlight series with top air-conditioning air-cooled CPU radiator, cool and eye-catching blue frame design, make your computer case unique.
  • The fin of the radiator body uses pccooler bucking FIN technology, which not only increases the robustness, but also keeps the spacing of each FIN consistent, and the airflow generated by the fan passes through each FIN uniformly, smoothly reducing wind cutting Noise and improve heat dissipation performance.
  • Each fin surface adopts bump texture technology, which can increase the area of ​​wind and make the product have more texture.
  • U-shaped copper heat pipe, high-quality aluminum base, increased heat dissipation teeth, and enhanced heat absorption through HDT to achieve rapid heat conduction Support up to 98W TDP processor, providing excellent heat dissipation performance. The heat pipe is closely connected with the CPU, which can effectively transfer heat from the surface of the CPU to the heat sink, thereby greatly improving the heat dissipation efficiency.