F01-1982A-01 iCLEVER Power Strip Tower Surge Protector, Charging Station w/ 6.5ft Cord X002BNX147

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This USB outlet plug allows for simultaneous charging for 4 5V/4.5A USB. You can charge your mobile phone, iPad and electronic products such as power bank at the same time.

The distance between the two plugs is 6 cm/2.4 inches. You can insert several oversized adapters at the same time without covering any other outlets.

This power strip with USB ports is designed with two switches to control the USB and AC plugs, and you can easily turn off multiple electronic devices immediately.

  • 8 AC outlets and 4 USB ports for greater flexibility.
  • Whether desktop power strip is on the desktop or on the floor, it can organize your data cable neatly.
  • Compared to other common power strips, our vertical charging tower saves more space.