Great Scott Gadgets YARD Stick One – Software Defined Radio (1010) 636824571114

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YARD Stick One (Yet Another Radio Dongle) from Great Scott Gadgets can transmit or receive digital wireless signals at frequencies below 1 GHz. It uses the same radio circuit as the popular IM-Me. The radio functions that are possible by customizing IM-Me firmware are now at your fingertips when you attach YARD Stick One to a computer via USB.

Great for listening on RF emitters and transmitting on ISM bands (check your country’s ISM frequencies before transmitting). It’s even better if you are HAM licensed with a wide range of transmitting frequencies!


  • Half-duplex transmit and receive
  • Official operating frequencies: 300-348 MHz, 391-464 MHz, and 782-928 MHz
  • Unofficial operating frequencies: 281-361 MHz, 378-481 MHz, and 749-962 MHz
  • Modulations: ASK, OOK, GFSK, 2-FSK, 4-FSK, MSK
  • Data rates up to 500 kbps
  • Full-Speed USB 2.0