8061BLACK Ethernet Cable 100 ft, Flat Long Cat6 Internet Cable 000020200407

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  • Flat Cat-6 network cable: Can't even feel or see the cable run under a rug or carpet Easier to line up against the wall. Flexible, Thin, Unnoticeable, but Hardy. Save space, if you don't need the entire length, also bundled with 40 Cable Clips for free.
  • Fast speed, reliable and uninterrupted network connection at all times. The speed and quality of a wired LAN depends greatly on how fast data is transmitted between computers and network components. Transmit data at speeds up to 250 Mbps (or to 1Gigabit per second).
  • Extra long length suitable for different places, provide high speed and stable internet connection for home, office, classroom, school, internet cafes, indoor and outdoor places.
  • Outstanding quality: Cat6 cables are supposed to be made of bare copper (BC). Copper has a much higher conductivity and tensile strength than aluminum and our cables must be made of 100% pure oxygen-free bare copper!