Samsung 20X Dl IDE DVD+/-RW Drive (SH-S202)

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This Samsung SH-S202 DVD RW Drive features the latest technological advances to increase the life of your drive, and the quality of your DVDs and CDs. The Double Optimum Power Control (OPC) Technology provides reliable, zero-error recording and Speed Adjustment Technology (SAT) ensures error-free reading of all media types by adjusting the speed optimized for the disc quality. This Samsung SH-S202 features average seek times of 130 ms for DVD-ROM and 110 ms for CD-ROM. This DVD RW drive utilizes Buffer Under Run Free Technology to enable high-speed writing of media, so you can burn DVDs and CDs even while you work in other applications. This SH-S202 features write speeds of up to 20x and read speeds up to 48x.