Silicon Power 1M Boost Link Nylon Lightning Sync & Charge Cable for iOS LK30AL

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The smooth and textured premium nylon fabric doesn't tangle and is built to withstand the strongest stomps, twists, tugs, and stretches. Made for iOS, Apple's MFi certification guarantees compatibility with all iOS Lightning devices. The Boost Link Lightning pins are gold-plated to give you the best data transfers and charges possible. Integrated metal and plastic strengthen the Lightning connection, preventing shear and pinch damage.

  • Up to 2.4A current
  • Outperforms conventional charging cables by 40%
  • Simultaneous charging and data transfer*
    *Device, software, environment, and other conditions can affect charging time and transmission speed.
  • 1 meter suits a variety of environments and uses
  • Aluminum shielding provides layered protection from interference, ensuring uninterrupted transmissions

Available in two colors:

  • Pink: SP1M0ASYLK30AL0P
  • Gray: SP1M0ASYLK30AL0G