X002BTW4J9 iPhone 11 Charger Cable, USB C to Lightning Cable 682365452344

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  • Highwings USB C to Lightning cable is officially certified. We have the same certification as the original cable. This means our cable can be matched to the original Apple USB-C power adapter. Reliable certification and professional cables protect your equipment from a little bit of damage.
  • APPLE NEW C94 Connector: USB C to Lightning cable uses the Newest C94 connector which is specially designed for fast charging. Compared to the old C48 connector, its speed and stability have a general improvement.
  • PD fast charging: Highwings USB C to Lightning cable supports fast charging of 18W and higher. Charges from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes. The best results can be achieved with our PD charger(ASIN: B07KF14RNV). Supports all new models such as iPhone 11 Pro / Max/11, iPhone XS MAX / XS / XR, iPhone 8 / 8Plus, NEW ipad 2019
  • Special materials: professional material braided cable, aluminum alloy plug. Flexible cable with strong plug. Professional design makes plug and interface fit perfectly. Our USB-C to lightning cable can withstand 15000 bending after Testing. The service life Is 13 times that of other cables.